Sunday, March 26

The participant of “My game” was sent to a psychiatric hospital for “zoo” at home

Former participant of “My game” Anna Putyatina was sent to a psychiatric hospital for examination after finding a large number of animals in poor condition at home. This is reported by the telegram channel Mash.

It is noted that the woman took money allegedly for the maintenance of dogs on overexposure, then locked them without food in a room where there was a lot of garbage. It is reported that the volunteers learned about the situation and went to Putyatina’s apartment. It turned out to be a whole “zoo” — 13 skinny dogs, 12 cats and a rabbit. After that, they were taken for treatment, and Putyatina was taken to a mental hospital.

Svoyaya igra — the Russian equivalent of the American TV quiz game Jeopardy! Participants answer questions from the General knowledge area. Each is represented as a statement about an object, phenomenon, or person. The player must understand what or who it is about. Putyatina participated in it in 2002 and previously worked as an engineer.

In 2019, it was reported that a pensioner from Pushkino near Moscow bred hundreds of rats in her two-room apartment. The woman was placed in a mental hospital. Her apartment was home to between 500 and 600 rodents.